Production according to DIN ISO 2768-1

Construction and installation of special machines in accordance with the general tolerance standard for length and angle measurement

General tolerances

Tolerance category v less 100 mm, tolerance category c more than 100 mm, tolerance category f and m available against surcharge.

Non-repudiation protocolSample DAkkS certificate

We will minute planeness, parallelism and squareness as stated in your engineering drawing. The planeness can be veryfied by DAkkS calibration certificate, if demanded.


Conditions of temperature

The variation in temperature within two days is not allowed to be more than ± 0,5 °C, to assure the standard measuring result. The temperature gradient between ground and ceiling is mot allowed to exceed 0,2 - 0,5°C.


The main supporting points

The red plotted points of the control surface plate define the main supporting points. All other plotted points (grey ones) have the function to avoid the dander of deflection and tipping over. They are only tightened by hand.


Main supporting points for custom made designs

For the custom made designs it is required that the customer states the supporting points by graphics.


Threaded inserts stainless steel

Bonded to the control surface plate, recessed from surface approx. 1mm


metricals ISO-thread M x Tsteel insert Ø x length mmminimum distance to edge mmtorque Nm max.number of threaded inserts in a surface
M 3x1510 x 20102110-100110-101110-102110-103
M 4x1510 x 20103111-100111-101111-102111-103
M 5x1510 x 20103112-100112-101112-102112-103
M 6x1516 x 351510113-100113-101113-102113-103
M 8x2516 x 351520114-100114-101114-102114-103
M 8x2523 x 502040115-100115-101115-102115-103
M 10x3023 x 502040116-100116-101116-102116-103
M 12x3023 x 502050117-100117-101117-102117-103
M 16x4030 x 6030150118-100118-101118-102118-103

Standard threading connections

1. Screwing together:
The devices are screwed together by use of gummed insert nuts. It is obligatory to observe the values for the distance from the border and for the engine torque. s. chart at the head) These bondings can be disconnected.

2. Screwed together an additionally fixed:
The components, which are screwed together, will additionally be fixed by use of adhesive. (s.pos. 1) These bonding can also be disconnected.

3. Screwed together an additionally glued:
Components, which could shift and/or those, which are subject to strong vibrations, will be screwed together and additionally all-over glued. The customer is requested to define the components, which have to be connected, in the graphics.
These bondings cannot be disconnected.


[Nm] max
edge distance [mm]
M 31020210614according to demand41343--
M 4102031081451355--
M 51020510101461365--
M 5 altern.1020510101661565--
M 616351015121471375--
M 6 altern.16351015121671575--
M 816352015161691595--
M 8235040201620919951015
M 1023504020202011191151015
M 1223505020242613241351015
M 16306015030323019281951530
M 203060150304040233723102030
M 244075200405050264526203050



Use of steel T-slots

They are made out of non-wraping special steel and have the function of precise guidance and clamping of tailstocks.


Positioning of steel T-slots

Steel T-slots can be positioned optional. Please pay attention to the minimum distance of 100 mm up from the T-slot centre to the outer edge. If steel T-slots cross each other, it has to be defined, if there will by continuity within all T-Slots or only one T-Slot completely going through surface; see picture left side, which shows an intersection.


Variations of the natural graniteBesonderheiten des Naturhartgesteins, Fehler im Material

We only use sought out natural granite of first-class quality. Work blanks are eliminated, if anything could interfere the physically features of the material minimally. As characteristically for nature-products, colouring deviations can occur. This is absolutely normal and does not in the least impair the quality. Sometimes it is not possible to use only one block of granite constructions of big dimension. We try, as far as possible, to use equal material, but it is not always feasible.

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