Regardless of the machine, equipment or individual component: Anywhere there’s an adherence to micrometers, you’ll find machine racks and individual components made of natural granite. When the highest level of precision is required, many traditional materials (e.g. steel, cast iron, plastics or lightweight metals) quickly reach their limits.

PLANOLITH manufactures dimensionally accurate bases for measuring and machining equipment as well as customer-specific granite components for the construction of specialized machines: e.g. machine beds and machine bases for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, solar industry, semiconductor industry or for laser machining.

The combination of air-bearing technology and granite as well as from linear technology and granite generate decisive advantages for the user.

If required, we mill cable ducts, install threaded inserts and mount linear guidance systems. We will even execute complex or large-scale workpieces exactly according to customer specifications. Our specialists are able to assist the customer as early as at the design engineering stage.

All of our products leave the plant with an inspection certificate and a DAkkS certificate on request.

You can find below selected reference products that we have manufactured for our customers according to their specifications.

Are you planning a similar project? Then contact us, we’ll be happy to advise you.

Automation technology

Special machines in automation technology reduce production costs and increase quality. As a provider of automation solutions, you manufacture devices, apparatus and special machines in accordance with individual requirements, either as an autonomous solution or integrated into existing systems. We work with you hand-in-hand and produce the granite components precisely in accordance with the requirements of your customers.

Automobile and aerospace industries

Meeting challenges and developing innovations, that is what we are all about. Take advantage of our 50 years of experience in the construction of special machines in the automotive sector as well as in the aerospace industry. Granite is particularly well- suited for machines with large dimensions.

Semiconductor and solar industries

The miniaturization of the semiconductor and solar industries is constantly moving forward. To the same extent, the requirements as relate to the process and positioning precision are also increasing. Granite as a basis for machine components in the semiconductor and solar industries has already proven its effectiveness time and again.

Universities and research institutes

Universities and research institutes construct special machines for research purposes and thereby often break new ground. Our many years of experience really pay off here. We provide consulting and, in close cooperation with the constructors, develop the load-bearning and dimensionally precise components.

Industrial measurement technologies (CMM)

Whether you are planning the construction of a new plant, a construction group or a special individual part, whether you want to modify machines or optimize a complete assembly line – we can find the right answer for every task. Talk to us about your ideas and together we will find an economical and technically suitable solution. Quickly and professionally.

Measurement and inspection equipment

Industrial measuring technology places considerable demands on precision in order to ensure the quality of work pieces throughout the entire production process. You need suitable measuring and testing systems for the ever-increasing quality demands. We are the specialists in this area. You can rely on our more than 50 years of experience!

Precision machining equipment

That is the core of our manufacturing, be it for laser processing, milling processing, for drilling work, grinding processing or electric discharge machining. Because of its physical characteristics, granite offers significant advantages that cannot be achieved with cast iron/steel or synthetic stone. In combination with linear technology, it is possible to achieve degrees of precision that were unthinkable in the past. Further advantages of granite include high vibration suppression, limited expansion coefficient, low level of thermal conductivity and a specific weight close to aluminum.

Vacuum clamping technologies

Vacuum technology is used to stretch the respective work piece under negative pressure and to quickly and easily conduct a 5-sided processing and measurement (without clasping). As a result of the special securing, the work pieces are protected from damage and are stretched without distortions.


You have questions about special machines?

You want to construct or build a new machine? Or do you have a current problem with the hability of the machine bases, during the setting of fittings and threaded inserts or with the achievement of the necessary surface precision? We have the right solution for you.
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Hermann Fleckenstein, Authorized Representative and Technical Manager

Hermann Fleckenstein

Authorized Representative and Technical Manager

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