Measuring and control surface plates (hardstone)

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Measuring and control surface plates (hardstone) – Granite Measuring Plates

Measuring plates from natural hard stone - granite measuring plats - serve as a basis for assembly, control and lab purposes. PLANOLITH produces measuring plates from black or grey-black granite (gabbro). The measuring surface is first finely polished and then diamond lapped.

Upon request, we also deliver fitting stands (with or without cabinet base) as well as accessories and care needs. You can create your own individual measuring table. We would be happy to provide you with any advice you might need.

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Measuring and control surface plates are made of natural hard stone. Although the material is often referred to as granite, the scientific name is gabbro. Natural hard stone is a basis plutonic rock, which has, due to its genesis, characteristics at its disposal that make it particularly suitable to the requirements of our products.

The material is high-strength, extremely homogeneous; it has fine pores as well as a tight structure. It also has a low thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient, is non-magnetic and electrically non-conductive, absolutely rust-proof and acid-resistant. No greasing, no degreasing – your granite measuring plates are practically maintenance-free.

Natural hard stone that meets our requirements for high-precision measuring and surface control plates is extracted in Europe, Asia and Africa. Because the granite for our measuring and surface control plates is widely used in the world, the supply is generally considered crisis-proof.

The natural hard stone we use possesses high mechanical strength. The crystalline structure allows a good fine grinding to be achieved. The flat surface is then refined through manual fine lapping. Lapping achieves accuracy levels that you can select according to your needs.

These are the accuracy levels and the recommended area of use for our measuring and surface control plates:

  • Grade 1 and Grade 0: Flatness in accordance with DIN 876/1 and 0 -> for production and workshop.
  • Grade 00: Flatness in accordance with DIN 876/00 -> for the measuring room
  • Grade 000: Flatness in accordance with DIN 876/000 -> for the laboratory

To ensure the achieved tolerances, final production takes place in state-of-the-art air-conditioned rooms. A patented air-flow ceiling ensures a low draft and flow circulation of air. The measuring rooms thus meet the requirement of the highest quality category in accordance with VDI/VDE 2627-1.

For our measuring and surface control plates, you will receive a quality inspection certificate with topographical representation free of charge. A DAkkS calibration certificate is delivered for a fee.

For normal use (one-shift operation), we recommend an inspection interval of 24 months. If use is more intensive, a shorter test interval (12 months) may be advisable.

We calibrate measuring and surface control plates made of natural hard stone from all manufacturers. If necessary, we provide you with a non-binding offer for recalibration in our air-conditioned rooms, including a quality inspection certificate and a DAkkS calibration certificate on request.

Or use our mobile calibration and refinishing service in your company (Europe-wide). You save packaging and transport costs and only have to do without your measuring and surface control plates made of natural hard stone for a short time, usually only for a few hours. After that, the workplace is available to you again, clean and well-kept.

The planeness of measuring plate surfaces – and thus also their precision – is defined in DIN 876. Grade 1 precision is required for workshop tasks, grade 0 precision is required for measuring room tasks, grade 00 precision is required for precision measuring room tasks and grade 000 precision is required for laboratory tasks.

We manufacture hardstone plates with surface planeness in accordance with DIN 876/1, DIN 876/0, DIN 876/00 and DIN 876/000. The surface deviation values can be found in our dimension tables. Finishing and inspection are carried out in a measuring room of the highest quality quality grade in accordance with VDI/KDE 2627-1, thus guaranteeing the precision and quality of our products.

You can also calculate individual values in our tolerance calculator.

Measuring and surface control plates made of hard stone should be cleaned and maintained regularly. This reduces wear and tear and provides a longer service life. Cleaning and maintenance also ensure easy sliding of the workpieces on the surface. Use our Litho-Clean for cleaning and our Litho-Care for maintenance.

Upon request, we supply matching bases (with and without cabinets), desk-shaped bases and bases with vibration insulation. You can create your own individual measuring space.

We also offer the installation of steel T-slotted rails, threaded and fitting bores as stainless metal bushings as well as bores and complex contours upon request to further equip measuring and control plates. Simply send us your 3-D models.

Size approx. mmWeigth approx. kgSupport pointsPlaneness to DIN 876/1Planeness to DIN 876/0
LengthWidthHeigthμmax. load kgOrder no.μmax. load kgOrder no.
size approx. mmweigth approx. kgsupport pointsplaneness to DIN 876/00planeness to DIN 876/000
lengthwidthheigthμmax. load kgorder no.μmax. load kgorder no.

Other dimensions on request.


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