Large dial gauge stand - base out of nature hard stone

Base made of especially selected material with high wear resistance. Table surface is diamond lapped. Column and beam are chrome plated. With a clamping T-slot in the rear outside for shifting and fixing the column. The diameter of the dial gauge bore is 8 mm.

size approx. mmmeasuring height approx. mmthroat approx. mmcolumn ø mmbeam ø mmplaneness mmweight approx. kgorder-no.
300 x 200 x 8030020035250,00323272-901
400 x 300 x 10040030035250,00344272-902
500 x 400 x 12050040045300,00382272-903
600 x 500 x 13060050045300,003132272-904
800 x 600 x 15070060060350,004226272-905

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Stefan Hein

Managing Director

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