Pair of vee-blocks - with four 90° incision angles

Out of special cast iron in high wear resistance.

The v-cuts (90° prism) are parallel to the basis and in a set they match to each other within the tolerances of the relevant grade.

No. 335-201 - 335-203     grade 1: 0,016 mm
No. 335-301 - 335-303     grade 0: 0,008 mm

length approx. mmwidth approx. mmheigth approx. mmweight per pair approx. kgfor workpiece ø mmorder-no. grade 1order-no. grade 0
601001206,58 - 90335-201335-301
7513015013,510 - 120335-202335-302
9017020023,012 - 180335-203335-303

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Stefan Hein

Managing Director

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