Axis-Inspect-Master 90°

Rectangular, out of black natural hard stone, five-sided accuracy. For weight reduction and better handling machined with reduction bores. The four small outer flats are worked parallel and rectangular to each other. Equipped with twelve mating boreholes for faster and easier examination of positions.

The Axis Inspect Master

is a measuring- and inspection tool for CNC-driven machine tools and measuring machines. It allows a fast and precise analysis of the actual condition of a certain machine. The determined datas have to be compared to given demand values to assert the actual condition. Depending on the given equipment of the machine, this can be done automatically.

It’s very important to check and recalibrate the positions of a machine after a crash in a very short time. This can save precious time and money by making it unnecessary to call a service specialist in small cases and reducing the downtime of the machine to a minimum.

Five sides and the mating boreholes on the Axis-Inspect-Master are engineered very accurately. The same applies to the corner of the narrow surfaces. For this reason the desired surfaces can be drawn for measuring. 

This makes the Axis-Inspect-Master multifunctional and economical in a lot of industrial fields.

measurements approx. mmweight approx. mmperm. deviation of squareness in mmflatness of small surfaces in mmflatness of one large surface in mmnumber of fitsorder-no.
350 x 250 x 50150,0020,0020,0112216-801
600 x 400 x 50320,0020,0020,0112216-802
800 x 600 x 70900,0020,0020,0112216-803

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