Master square 90° (quadratic type) - out of black nature hard stone, four-sided accuracy

Hard and wear-resistant. Accuracy of surface according to DIN 876. Squareness according to DIN 875. For weight reduction and for better handling manufactured with reduction bore. The four small outer flats are worked parallel and rectangular to each other.
Delivery without ring bolts and belts.

measurements approx. mmweight approx. kgperm. deviation of squareness grade 0 mmorder-no. grade 0perm. deviation of squareness grade 00 mmorder-no. grade 00perm. deviation of squareness grade 000 mmorder-no. grade 000
300 x 300 x 50110,004226-3010,002226-4010,0010226-501
400 x 400 x 60240,006226-3020,003226-4020,0015226-502
500 x 500 x 70380,008226-3030,004226-4030,0020226-503
600 x 600 x 80700,010226-3040,005226-4040,0025226-504
800 x 800 x 1001600,012226-3050,006226-4050,0030226-505
1000 x 1000 x 1604200,014226-3060,007226-4060,0035226-506

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