Measuring beam leightweight - out of black nature hard stone, two-sided accuracy

Hard and wear-resistant, bending resistant. Milled out inside for weight reduction and faster temperature conditioning
The two small surfaces are worked even and parallel towards each other. With handles on both sides.
Fout-side accuracy on request.

measurements approx. mmweight approx. kgaccuracy grade 0 mmorder-no. grade 0accuracy grade 00 mmorder-no. grade 00
1000 x 56 x 160190,005610-3030,0020610-403
1250 x 60 x 190260,006610-3040,0030610-404
1500 x 70 x 220360,006610-3050,0030610-405
1750 x 75 x 235530,007610-3060,0035610-406
2000 x 80 x 250740,007610-3070,0035610-407

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Stefan Hein

Managing Director

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