Test frame 90° - one-piece, out of black nature hard stone, four-sided accuracy

Solid and wear-resistant. Accuracy of surface according to DIN 876. Squareness according to DIN 875. High weight reduction and better handling due to a cut-out in the middle. The four small outer flats are worked parallel and rectangular to each other.

measurements approx. mmweight approx. kgperm. deviation of squareness grade 0 mmorder-no. grade 0perm. deviation of squareness grade 00 mmorder-no. grade 00perm. deviation of squareness grade 000 mmorder-no. grade 000
350 x 250 x 5080,004217-3010,002217-4010,0010217-501
600 x 400 x 60200,004217-3020,002217-4020,0010217-502
800 x 600 x 90800,006217-3030,003217-4030,0015217-503

Possible upto size 2000 x 1500 mm.


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Stefan Hein, Managing Director

Stefan Hein

Managing Director

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