Pair of tailstocks (with hardened vee-blocks)

Productgroup: 241-201 - 241-305

Pair of tailstocks (with hardened vee-blocks) – heavy version, manual lever adjustment

Vee-block 90° ground and lapped. Vee-blocks are used for clamping of not centered shafts, as well as for shafts, which are longer than the distance between centre of the precision bench centre.
Grade 1 - accuracy of axis ± 0,008 mm
Grade 0 - accuracy of axis ± 0,004 mm

centre height approx. mmholding fixture MKweight per pair approx. kgtotal length per pair x width mmmax. load approx. kpvee-blocks for shafts Ø approx. mmorder-no. grade 1order-no. grade 0

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Stefan Hein

Managing Director

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