PLANOLITH: Precision in measuring and inspection technologies and special purpose engineering

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A strong material. More than 50 years of experience. Products of the highest precision: This is PLANOLITH. Using natural granite, we produce measuring and inspection tools and components for special purpose engineering. Our products meet the highest standards of dimensional tolerance and accuracy.

We deliver to customers worldwide, from industrial tool distributors to manufacturing industries in a variety of sectors. We also cooperate with technical universities and various research institutes.

The PLANOLITH product range includes:

  • Standard measuring equipment such as measuring plates and accessories, measuring and gauge stands, measuring devices, precision bench centers etc.
  • Custom-made bases made of natural granite for special purpose engineering, e.g. for laser machining, the manufacture of circuit boards and semiconductors, as well as for 3D coordinate measuring machines.
  • Contract manufacturing for the grinding, drilling and lapping of workpieces made of natural granite, mineral casting, technical ceramics and cast iron.
  • Assembly of linear guides for special constructions.

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Measuring, inspection, construction with granite

For mechanical engineers
For design engineers

Our identity: Precision as a guiding principle

Precision characterizes our way of thinking and our actions. We’ve worked intensively with natural granite and its processing for more than 50 years. We’ve focused all of our energy on this – resulting in a high degree of professional expertise and extensive experience.

We demand the highest quality from ourselves and from the measuring equipment and machine components we produce, all in the interests of our customers. Every employee, every machine and every step in the work process are geared toward achieving this objective.

Our company’s high level of technical expertise is proven not least by PLANOLITH’s licence as an accredited calibration laboratory in 2004 (DAkkS since 2013).

"Granite is an outstanding material for precision measuring and machining when working on the micron scale. We at PLANOLITH aim to be an outstanding partner for our customers and to meet their highest expectations of quality!"

Stefan Hein, Managing Director

Stefan Hein

Managing Director