PLANOLITH means Reliability and precision

We’ve been specialists in the precision machining of natural granite products since 1976

Active around the world with strong local roots. That is one way to describe PLANOLITH. With a modern production site in Aschaffenburg on the edge of Germany’s Rhine-Main region, we have strong local roots and are at home in the heart of Europe.

We have a roughly 10,000 square meter site in Aschaffenburg’s Strietwald industrial park. Here we have enough space and capacity to easily process large volume orders and workpieces with volumes up to 30 tons.

PLANOLITH is a medium-sized, owner-operated company. It was founded in 1976 by Klaus B. Hein and has since become one of the leading German producers of components for measurement technology and special purpose engineering.

Team Planolith

Our customers can rely on us

We are especially proud of our ability to manufacture customized granite components for measuring or processing machines exactly according to customer specifications. The more difficult the workpiece, the more ambition we bring to it. If it can be done, we’ll do it – our customers can rely on that!

However, our ambition doesn’t just go into manufacturing. With precision and reliability, we also carry out our customers’ workpiece contract manufacturing (grinding, drilling, lapping), as well as services for the calibration and certification of measuring equipment.

In addition to the quality of our products, excellence in order implementation is also very important to us. PLANOLITH characterizes itself through proven reliability, punctuality and transparency in all steps of collaboration. Our customers appreciate this.

PLANOLITH also understands its social responsibility as a company with regional roots. That’s why we’ve been working together closely with workshops for disabled persons for over 20 years. At Christmas, we donate a large portion of our holiday budget to charitable organizations.

Milestones of the PLANOLITH company history.

Executive Management

Milestones in the PLANOLITH company history

From its founding to operational success

2020Construction of a new factory building with expanded production capacity als well as new restrooms and break rooms
2018Climate room with the highest quality category put into operation
2017Commissioning of a processing machine developed in-house with CNC controlling and all axes composed of natural granite
2013DAkkS calibration laboratory accreditation
2007Stefan Hein becomes the second Managing Director
2004PLANOLITH becomes a DKD calibration laboratory
1998Expansion through the purchase of a neighboring warehouse including premises in the same year
1998PLANOLITH constructs a second warehouse on company land due to a lack of space
1994Certification in accordance with DIN ISO
1990Stefan Hein, son of the company founder, joins PLANOLITH GmbH
1987The second CNC machine developed in-house is added one year later
1986Commissioning of a processing machine developed in-house, all axes made of natural granite
1985PLANOLITH GmbH moves into its own premises in Aschaffenburg, on Zeppelinstrasse - the current location
1976Klaus B. Hein starts PLANOLITH GmbH, renting out rooms at the time in Kleinostheim
1960The company founder, Klaus B. Hein, begins his career in the measurement technology branch

"Working with granite has always fascinated me, even when I was very young. I wanted to establish my own company using the material. Today, I’m delighted when I see what these beginnings have turned into!"

Klaus B. Hein, Founder and Managing Director

Klaus B. Hein

Founder and Managing Director

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