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Get to know the PLANOLITH management trio

PLANOLITH is an owner-led company headed by founder Klaus B. Hein and his son Stefan Hein. Hermann Fleckenstein completes the management trio as Technical Manager.

Klaus B. Hein, Managing Director and shareholder

Vision and a drive to succeed have shaped the professional path of the PLANOLITH founder. The trained industrial manager and technical draftsman initially worked in a metal processing operation. He recognized the potential of granite as a material for mechanical engineering and measurement technology at an early stage.

Klaus B. Hein

The technology was first used in the USA in the mid-1960’s. In it, Klaus B. Hein saw his professional future and in 1976 made an on-the-spot decision to found PLANOLITH GmbH – with just one employee at first. He led the company through its development phase with determination and a feeling for market trends. Today, he looks with pride at the position that PLANOLITH has established for itself on the global market.

It was Mr. Hein Senior himself who wrote precision as a component of the company’s DNA into the company logo. It is made up of “plano” for level and “lithos” for stone, and between them the striking µ symbol.

Still active in the company, Klaus B. Hein looks after the finances and maintains contact with suppliers and customers. The passionate photographer also manages the image of the company. His primary area of interest, however, is the technological development. New machines and new products will make PLANOLITH even more successful in the future.

Stefan Hein, Managing Director and shareholder

After growing up with PLANOLITH as a child, Stefan Hein first completed a technical education in a tool company and later added a commercial apprenticeship on top of that. He joined his father’s company in 1990, progressing through all areas of production and in the office before becoming Managing Director in 2007. He now manages the company in cooperation with his father.

Stefan Hein

Mainly, Stefan Hein looks after general organization, procurement, sales and customer service. But he also has no problem helping to unload a truck when his help is needed on a Friday afternoon. The sport-loving family father and former active fireman enjoys dealing with people, be it with customers, suppliers or employees. What he values most about the employees, in addition to their excelling training, is their strong motivation and the passion they bring to their work.

His own motivation comes from the pleasure he gets from seeing everything that has been achieved at PLANOLITH already. He also gains satisfaction from seeing that customers are satisfied and he finds confirmation in the many loyal regular customers.

For the future, Stefan Hein believes that there will be exciting market developments for natural stone in mechanical engineering. Finding new dimensions and pushing into new business segments while making a contribution to this development is a strong incentive for him.

Hermann Fleckenstein, Technical Manager and Authorized Representative

Production and order processing with all associated systems are the most important aspects of Hermann Fleckenstein’s position, which he assumed at PLANOLITH in 2006.

His career began with an apprenticeship as a model builder in a metal foundry, followed by certification as a master craftsman and training as a technician. Afterwards, he worked in various medium-sized mechanical engineering companies as well as a major company in the chemicals sector.

Hermann Fleckenstein

Today at PLANOLITH, Hermann Fleckenstein is responsible for complex granite constructions, among other things. He looks after the calculation, order registration and processing, data management and scheduling. He is also the contact person when it comes to technical advice for customers in the inquiry process.

As head of the production team, he mainly appreciates the relaxed atmosphere, short decision-making paths and the fast decisions. Individual responsibility, honesty, reliability and straightforwardness are the characteristics he values most.

The family father and talented musician who plays, among other instruments, the church organ, is someone who enjoys a challenge. That is what pushes him forward, whether on his bike or at work. “Nothing is impossible and where there’s a will, there’s a way” – true to this motto, he looks for the right solution for each customer.

Place of business in Aschaffenburg

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