From a granite block to a precision measuring tool or dimensionally correct machine base

Quality through experience, modern machines and a highly motivated team

Granite requires specific processing for the material. Two things are needed for this. The first: people, who bring with them the necessary know-how, expertise and a certain talent. The second: extremely precise machines and specialized instruments. We’re well-equipped with both of them at PLANOLITH.

A competent team

PLANOLITH specialists work hand in hand to ensure that a product of the highest precision is rendered from granite plates. Planners, design engineers, instrument mechanics and mechanical engineers contribute their competence and experience. In this way, our teams are characterized not only by their extensive knowledge and ability but by their strong motivation to create the perfect solutions for our customers.

Our machinery

As specialists in the processing of granite, we work with custom-designed CNC machinery and equipment that we’ve adapted to meet the specific demands of our business. We recently commissioned a new, state-of-the-art precision grinding machine in 2017, the base of which – how could it be anything else – we built out of granite.

Machining steps

We form the blanks by sawing them or using a water jet cutter. The surfaces are ground, lapped and cleaned. This is then followed by further machining until the workpiece is finished. For example, we’ll mill grooves or cable ducts, drill holes, add steel inserts or threaded sockets with adhesive and mount the provided components and linear guide systems.

Bearbeitung der Kanten

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