Innovation at the highest leve

Patent No: EP 1 7800 006 B1

Using a specialized adhesion technology, PLANOLITH was successful in bonding PLANO-CERAMICS to its well-known natural granite. Two different materials are permanently unified in a practical manner using our approved natural granite as a base (its physical characteristics are described in detail on this website).

They are then refined by adding PLANO-KERAMIK to the material. The object receives the outstanding properties of PLANO-CERAMICS, extreme rigidity and a long service life, in the exact places where these properties are useful and necessary. This material has a specific advantage in its smoothness when using air bearings. PLANO-CERAMICS doesn’t absorb any water at all, which is another important advantage of the material.

The symbiosis between the positive properties of the two materials is what gives the product its strength. Yet another sign of quality with a red dot.

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