The implementation process: A smooth process, from order to finished product

Consultation, transparency, on-time delivery – our full-service package for our customers

We don’t just deal in granite and machines, the relationship with our customers is very important to us. Our goal is to have you, the customer – as an investor in our company – be 100 percent satisfied.


Do you have an idea for your equipment or for your production, measuring or inspection processes, but don’t yet have any experience with granite? No problem. We’ll advise you during the development phase. In addition to our technical consultation service, we also provide a calculation of costs for a highly precise product at competitive market prices.

In so doing, we’re able to draw on our many years of experience, even in cases with difficult workpieces. We also have high performance IT systems that provide us with data and figures to ensure sound advice. Nothing is left to chance.

measuring boards on stock


We have lots of measuring and inspection equipment directly in stock, especially those articles in our catalog. We’ll manufacture anything that isn’t immediately available or we’ll obtain it for you. You’ll receive the greatest possible transparency concerning costs and appointments.

Your order

We rely on the greatest possible transparency for order processing. Using data taken from our operational logging process, we can tell you how close your order is to completion at any time. And we know exactly, who, when, and how long someone has worked or is working on your order.

Our focus is to meet your deadlines. However, if anything should go wrong, we’ll inform you immediately about possible delays so that you can plan accordingly.

We archive all data and will have it available for many years to come. In this way, we can, for example, provide you with lost inspection certificates at short notice.

“We work efficiently. We have the right systems. For these reasons, we’re able to deliver on-time and keep the costs down. Our company philosophy is: to deliver the best quality, on-time, at reasonable prices!”

Hermann Fleckenstein, Authorized Representative and Technical Manager

Hermann Fleckenstein

Authorized Representative and Technical Manager

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