For mechanical engineers

Inspection, measurement and quality assurance of your machines

As a mechanical engineer, you need to measure, monitor and document your machine geometry. You need precise measuring equipment to ensure DIN / ISO 1101 defined form and geometric tolerances. Measuring equipment produced from natural granite is perfectly suited when it comes to the measurement parameters: straightness, squareness, parallelism, positional accuracy and axial accuracy.

Granite measuring equipment for the most stringent requirements

You’ll find a variety of measuring instruments, measuring equipment, inspection squares, test frames, aids or reference materials for use in measurement technology. We manufacture our own measuring equipment according to the highest quality standards.

In addition to our standard measuring equipment, we also offer specialized products such as the Axis Inspect Master. With this product you can, with comparably little effort, quickly monitor the geometry and positioning of your CNC controlled machine tools, measuring machines or measuring beams, e.g. after a shutdown or downtime.

Measuring standards in lightweight construction make things easier

Precision measurements in mechanical engineering are conducted with fixed measuring standards, i.e. inspection squares/master squares and measuring beams. Commercial grade measuring standards are, however, quite heavy so the handling could become a burden for the employee. This applies in particular for use of the customer service fitters on site.

We have therefore stepped into unknown territory in order to reduce the weight. For our lightweight measuring standards, we mill the granite body from the inside so that massive ribs remain. As a result, these measuring standards are much lighter than the massive construction form with the same degree of precision.

A further advantage of lightweight construction is that the necessary temperature conditioning takes place faster than is the case with massive components. Measuring tasks can thus be started much earlier and the measuring results achieved sooner. Expensive waiting times are eliminated.

Our delivery program includes lightweight variations of measuring beams in different sizes as well as inspection squares in 90° triangular form. Your employees - and especially field crew - will thank you for it.

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