Fixed T-slot

Productgroup: 100-701 - 100-910

Fixed T-slot – out of non-warping special steel

The dull chromized surface is unremovable bonded to the hard-stone plate. Under extreme conditions the steel T-slot bar can be screwed persistantly. Prices on request.

T-slots can be attached optional and user-defined. The minimum distance to the outer edge should be 100 mm. When T-slots cross each other, please state, if slotted or milled persistently. Both versions are available against surcharge.

Fixed T-slot (Execution A)

No. 100-701 - 100-710
T-slot, milled, approx. 14 mm, only for clamping function, for screws M12, DIN 787

Fixed T-slot (Execution B)

No. 100-801 - 100-810
Guiding and clamping T-slot, ground. The nominal size 14 mm is only an approximated value. The tailstocks or other acessories are precision adjusted to achieve accuracy. Straightness see table.

Fixed T-slot (Execution C)

No. 100-901 - 100-910
Guiding and clamping T-slot, precision ground. The nominal size 14 mm is only an approximated value. The tailstocks or other acessories are precision adjusted to achieve accuracy. Straightness see table.

Execution D

T-slot worked in stone without steel, on request

Execution E

U-slot worked in stone without steel, on request

Stahl-T-NutschieneTechnische Zeichnung Stahl-T-Nutschiene
Length mmExecution AExecution BExecution C
Order no.Straightness mmOrder no.Straightness mmOrder no.

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