Measuring plates, coated with 5mm ceramic

Productgroup: 800-303 - 800-516

Measuring plates, coated with 5mm ceramic

The picture on the left side shows how many possibilities of guide rails and slots, drillings and thread inserts can be integrated.
Further we offer the service to coat heavily obsoleted or demged plates with PLANO-KERAMIK.
Until now they had to be either costly restored or disposed. Good reasons for PLANO-KERAMIK.

We keep some prefabricated plates on stock to guarantee a quick delivery. We can coat plates in every size with our PLANO-KERAMIK.

length x width x height approx. mmweight approx. kgsupport pointsDIN 876/0DIN 876/00DIN 876/000
planeness mmmax. load kgorder-no.planeness mmmax. load kgorder-no.planeness mmmax. load kgorder-no.
400 x 400 x 502530,006120800-3030,00360800-4030,001530800-503
800 x 600 x 12017330,007800800-3080,004400800-4080,0020200800-508
1200 x 800 x 16046050,0091200800-3140,005600800-4140,0025300800-514
1500 x 1000 x 19085550,0101500800-3160,005750800-4160,0025375800-516

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Stefan Hein

Managing Director

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