Headstock - with an electronic instrument for positioning and reading

The carrier is made of high density as well as stress relieved and high wear resisitance cast iron. The spindle is made of hardened tool steel, precision ground and fine adjusted. The true running accuracy is 0,002 mm. The spindle is lockable and can be adjusted with the hand wheel at the rear end of the headstock.
A two stage self-locking gearbox can be connected. It allows the precision tuning of the spindle with the hand wheel on the side. 62 revolutions of the hand wheel relate to one turn of the main spindle.
With electronic instruments for positioning and reading 0 - 360°, the smallest inverval is 0,0005° switchable to one arc second. Counting direction is reversible, reference point, resetting, preset and memofix

BCD-output for printer port, external resetting and pointing command. Total error for display device 4 arc sec. Delivery including life center and driving plate.

On demand:

Self centering manual chuck, setting tolerance 0,005 mm.
Collet attachment for cylindrical workpieces. Graduation 1 mm, accuracy 0,005 mm.
Faceplate with T-slots.
Permanent magnetic chuck.

height of axis approx. mminside taper MKtotal length approx. mmhand chuck Ø approx. mmorder-no.

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